• Living with the River – Dale Park for the Out of the Mouth of the Parrett project

    Dale Park re located from the Quantocks to the levels. The work and commentary is a statement about being an incomer to an ancient landscape and how it is to co exist with the river.

  • Adiós Lefty

    On April 1st 2016 I found myself having a biopsy on the tiny bump on my left breast, a bump so small even the doctor had trouble locating it. I hadn’t mentioned my concerns to either family or friends and went alone to the hospital appointment because I honestly didn’t expect it would be anything […]

  • Dismaland

    Waiting for Banksy 11 – A book of Shit Pictures is the logical follow up to the publication produced by me through Exposure 47 following Banksy’s visit to the Bristol Museum in 2009. Like all things you have to wait for I hope this gallery of images that have been skilfully (or not!) chosen and edited is worth the time that has passed since Weston Super Mare became an international place of interest. The ethos, if there really needed to be one, was to interpret Dismaland pictorially in the spirit the event was created. So black and white film, a point and shoot camera and some aggressive editing to push the contrast and grain structure, and some extreme crops. A nostalgic look back to the photography that holiday makers made in the pre digital/camera phone era; those who did not pick up a camera from one vacation to the next or until the film was finished, then to perpetuate their crimes against the medium show them to anyone who came to dinner! In a typically British coincidence on the day of the shoot it poured with rain bringing back memories of the family summer holidays of my youth huddled in an arcade, us against the weather!

    This project is at last nearing completion, watch for details on our website, and in the mean time please feel free to comment.

  • Emerge submerge – Steve Welsh for the Out of the Mouth of the Parrett project

    Steve Welsh interpreted the river and its concentrations of habitation to produce a 19 metre photomontage flowing from the point the river enters the county finishing in Combwich. “The tidal rise and fall submerges and reveals the unexpected each day; the use of double exposure onto film allowed serendipity to create juxtapositions and enabled the […]

  • Steart – Ian Mason for the Out of the Mouth of the Parrett project

    Ian Mason investigated the Parrett mouth visiting Steart. He found an unfamiliar environment unlike anything else in Somerset. Following physical intervention by the Environment Agency the existing sea defences have been purposely breeched to allow the salt marshes to flood and reduce the energy in high tides. “The landscape at Steart seemed so remote, considering […]

  • Decline

    The ‘Decline’ refers to the onset of Dementia. My mum has been in steady decline for about 3 years and has gradually lost the ability to function independently, relying on assistance for all ordinary tasks. She still recognises me, my wife and grandchildren, but struggles with every sentence to relate her thoughts and memories, confabulating […]

  • River People – Sam Burton for the Out of the Mouth of the Parrett project

    Sam Burton documented people he encountered while walking the riverbanks recording not just an image but vox pops explaining the connection to the place. “The river is a real gathering point for people, it’s a place where different tributaries of life meet in a daily bases. The settings may have a changed but the people […]

  • The Architecture of Water Management – Annie Cole for the Out of the Mouth of the Parrett project

    Annie Cole investigated the architecture of water management, something the area could not function without.

  • Rehearsing Matilda

    During the week leading up to their performance of Matilda in April 2014, I had the pleasure of spending time at Queens College, photographing the talented students of Trull School of Dancing, Taunton. During which I had the privilege of capturing some of the usually unseen rehearsals and backstage preparations leading up to and including […]

  • Following a Charity

    I started photographing the life of a charity based in Dulverton in Exmoor that promotes and looks after Exmoor ponies that are born on the Moors. The Exmoor pony is an endangered breed that has been documented from the Middle Ages. Cut off from other equine breeds by the wildness that is still Exmoor, it […]