Wet Collodion

18 Apr

The resurgent interest in 19th century processes is embodied by West Country based wet collidion photographer Tim Pearse. His practise engages Pearse in both portrait and still life work in the classical pictorialist style through which he considers complex responses embedded in personal themes whilst bringing a contemporary twist to imagery. Craftsmanship is at the core of Pearse’s work, from the construction of his apparatus; ‘Molly’ the ultra large format camera illustrated, to the process itself resulting in one of a kind outcomes that are unique. Pearse is working hard to make a new series of images which will presented in a gallery on this site, however with a good production day leading to 1 or 2 good plates time takes on a new, or maybe 19th century, pace1911035_10153968682665510_5004478874292919862_o-1.

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