Tim Pearse

Tim Pearse is a practising fine art and portrait photographer based in Somerset. The synthesis of fine art photography and craftsmanship is the central creative methodology present in the making of his work, all else branching from this tactile method to produce unique, one of a kind art objects.

Utilising a giant handmade camera combined with nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century technology, the representation of his artistic ideology comes to the surface, engaging with concepts of sustainability in the face of progressivism, through surrealist mirroring of semiotic contexts or direct positioning of complex thematic responses to personal thought processes.

Stylistically pictorial, he works to create imagery with a classical vision in order to cement the painterly approach central to his working ethos. This is achieved, in part, by creating photographic art objects using a variety of alternative and antiquarian processes, utilising the physicality of these methods to encourage the development of a discourse between viewer and object, and the questioning of the integrity of contemporary photographic approaches.

Specialising in ultra large format photography and the wet collodion process, Pearse works within studio environments and on location to produce creative responses to commercial briefs and individual commissions, as well as working on personal projects for exhibition on a national level.


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Wet Collodion

The resurgent interest in 19th century processes is embodied by West Country based wet collidion photographer Tim Pearse. His practise engages Pearse in both portrait and still life work in the classical pictorialist style through which he considers complex responses embedded in personal themes whilst bringing a contemporary twist to imagery. Craftsmanship is at the […]
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