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AG Photographic open day

21 Apr
mat ans steve

Birmingham based photographic equipment materials and processing company AG Photographic held its first open day on April 11th. Matthew Wells from AG did the meet and greet for what was interesting and friendly day. A good mix of analogue and digital with traditional toning and digital colour management demonstrations delivered by Fotospeed while Tetenal brought […]

Wet Collodion

18 Apr

The resurgent interest in 19th century processes is embodied by West Country based wet collidion photographer Tim Pearse. His practise engages Pearse in both portrait and still life work in the classical pictorialist style through which he considers complex responses embedded in personal themes whilst bringing a contemporary twist to imagery. Craftsmanship is at the […]

Platinum Printing

10 Apr
plat 7

Graham Cook and Steve Welsh have been exploring the process of Platinum Printing. Images from film and digital including phone camera capture were converted through Photoshop and Bridge into transfer negatives that were ink jet printed onto Agfa transfer film. The ratio method was used combining ferric oxcelate, platinum, palladium and tween to refine contrast […]

Darkroom adventures

08 Apr

Landscape photographer Paul Gorman and, away from his familiar street photography Steve Welsh, made a first outdoor location test with the ‘Magic Box’ mobile darkroom. All the prerequisite kit and chemistry was thrown into the back of a car and motored to the hills. Using their 5″/4″ and pinhole cameras to make paper negatives. The […]