Sarah Stevens

portrait LithI have always been a visual person, accepting and interpreting information in this form led me to work in graphic design and more recently to evolve my visual literacy with an A Level in photography. This course exponentially expanded my view of visual communication and the breadth of methods photography could offer as a medium to convey ideas and emotions. I discovered that it is the alchemy of imagery that inspires me to evolve an idea; my working method involves a thought, which is explored through a range of materials techniques and processes that support the aesthetic. The darkroom and traditional methods are important to me, however the mix of existing and contemporary digital technology and processes is exciting and presents opportunity for individual expression. My influences are broad with Jill Enfield’s alternative processes guiding my current work.

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Bromoil printing

Sarah Stevens has been growing a reputation for skilful work with alternative print processes such as gum and lith printing. For the past few months Stevens has been exploring the art of bromoil printing which was popular with  pictorialists in the first half of the 20th century. She is now reviewing her preliminary work and […]
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