Photo Students Meet Brit Art Duo

11 Jul

450A London residential for Bridgwater College photography students took an unexpected and glamorous turn during a photo session in the East End. Internationally renowned photo art stars Gilbert and George, winners of the 1986 Turner Prize amongst many other accolades throughout a 45 year carrier, responded to a knock on their door from Photography Program Manger Ian Mason by inviting the group into their studio for an impromptu tour. “I thought it would be fun to see if Gilbert and George were at home and would be interested in just saying hello to the students, I never imagined we would be asked in” said Ian. The tour included a look at new previously unseen work and a demonstration of working practise from Gilbert. The pair were only too happy to be photographed by and with the students, signing autographs before the group left.

The visit made an unforgettable impression on the students; second year A Level student Lauren Miller summed up the group feeling “It was an extraordinary experience to meet such famous artists; they were very generous to spend so much time telling us about their work and sharing their creative space with students; it was very inspiring”