Nic Crocker

NCThe overall focus for Nic’s work is to study the masks we all wear in life, to see when we project the way we want to be regarded as well as finding those times when we let our masks fall to reveal ourselves.  One observer reflected on the subjects of legendary documentary photographer Diane Arbus, saying “The subjects stand often in the center of the frame … Their posture is subordinate to the ineffable expression of who they are”. In other words we may have an intent about how we should be viewed, however the effect of how we try to portray ourselves may fall short of that aspiration.  It is the gap between intent and effect that fascinates Nic.  He searches for this through observation of people in and out of their normal environment, in times of ease and stress. He is also interested in demonstrating this ‘what you see is not necessarily what you get’ trait through staged work.  This marries with his interest in morality-themed work.

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Nic’s Posts

Photographers’ Rights – And Responsibilities

Nic Crocker is a retired Police Inspector and keen street photographer who has studied the law in relation to photographers’ rights and lectures on the subject.  As a professional standards investigator he has engaged with photographers subject to unreasonable police intervention.  Views expressed here are his alone and should not be considered those of the […]
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A Girl

I am interested in exploring portraiture to erode the masks that people, seeking to find the real person within.  I have experimented with push processing techniques to enhance grain along with Lith photography techniques.  Building up the detail in a portrait through enhanced grain, followed by stripping that detail down to its most basic elements. […]
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Intent, Effect & The Inbetween

Diane Arbus observed, “Everybody has this thing where they need to look one way but they come out looking another way and that’s what people observe.  You see someone on the street and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw … Our whole guise is like giving a sign to the world to think of […]
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The street violinist.   This shambling old man reflects the life he has lived yet the music still flows so beautifully.
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Stop The War

A demo was held in Bristol to demonstrate against the military action in Gaza in the autumn of 2012 ….
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