Joanna Wilson

IMG_1591After studying Art and design at college and then very nearly joining the RAF to train as a photographer I ended up going onto study spatial design. However, I have always had a love of photography and have spent the last two years studying it at A level and in doing so discovered a major passion. I often work from a known, often a painting or prose sometimes lyrics. Interpreting and reinterpreting, creating sets for a studio shoot, making 2D 3D and back into photographic 2D. I don’t feel bound to any technology or process, montage and mixed media are all part of my practise and the evolution of my imagery. my themes are often hero-heroine, good and bad, using models and props in my sets I am building a new reality, sometimes a dreamy romantic view, sometimes much darker, something disturbing where the viewer has to interrogate the image. My influenced are varied and change often as does the genre in which i work.  I am finding my photographic journey very exciting and it has only just begun!

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