Ian Mason

Ian MasonMy aim as a photographer is to record a personal vision of idiosyncratic moments that possess a combination of ‘Decisive Moment’ and more cerebral observations. Some of my work is constructed, as with the still lives, but even these have a certain randomness that tends to reflect my impatience with overly considered images. The majority of my work is recorded without too much planning and themes are then identified and further explored. This approach allows a good degree of serendipity, but once recognised, capitalised upon to fully extract the subject’s essence. I prefer unmanipulated, straight images, having worked primarily with film and darkroom prints since the early 1980’s and the discipline of crafting and composing images in camera I feel is more satisfying than shooting hundreds of digital images and editing down to a few. However the Iphone with  Instagram, Snapspeed etc. allows a very candid style, with the ability to ‘retro film’ style the results. This is proving very seductive!


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Out of the Mouth of the Parrett goes live – March 21st until April 8th

For more information about ‘Out of Mouth of the Parrett’ project click here
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Exposure 47 pinhole camera day at Bridgwater Arts Centre

Exposure 47 is delighted to be supporting Bridgwater Arts Centre, the oldest Arts Centre in the country, during the celebration of the venue’s 70th year. We will be running two free pinhole workshops during the summer, the first on Saturday May 28th and again on July 9th both from 10.00am until 4pm. After the 2015 […]
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Photo London 2015

Ian Mason and Graham Cook attended the capitals latest foray into the international world of photo events with a British version of Paris Photo hosted at Somerset House. Photo London is quite possibly the finest selection of contemporary and historical photography simultaneously under one roof. From original Talbots and other 19th century masters through to […]
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Photo Students Meet Brit Art Duo

A London residential for Bridgwater College photography students took an unexpected and glamorous turn during a photo session in the East End. Internationally renowned photo art stars Gilbert and George, winners of the 1986 Turner Prize amongst many other accolades throughout a 45 year carrier, responded to a knock on their door from Photography Program […]
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