Graham Cook

Avatar-bio photoMy journey as a photographer began when I was in my early 20’s and has taken me in many creative directions since, crossing over genres and disciplines, which has exposed me to both conceptual ideologies and physical materials while I tried to find my place as an image maker. After successfully undertaking a degree at one of the UK’s leading Universities in documentary photography I am currently working within photographic education and my visual exploration continues. My work is always in response to the people and places I encounter; I am inspired by images that possess aesthetic balance, display emotion and craftsmanship. My aim is to explore new paths of visual possibilities through experimenting within breath of photography as it is now. I am actively engaged in the digital, traditional and alternative image world; I feel the images I am now making are a synthesis of my choices materially and visually, aimed to engage the viewer with my passion and vision. I believe the photograph I leave behind is as much about me as it is the subject, a museum of us both.


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Concrete Collective Construct Urban Foundations

EX 47 member photographer and printer Graham Cook and fellow UWE MA print makers Gen Harrison and Ella Sparkes had their first joint exhibition as the Concrete Collective at Bristol’s popular Centre Space Gallery. The 5-day show titled ‘Call and Response’ was well supported with over 250 visitors enjoying the mix of print and photography. […]
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Photo London 2015

Ian Mason and Graham Cook attended the capitals latest foray into the international world of photo events with a British version of Paris Photo hosted at Somerset House. Photo London is quite possibly the finest selection of contemporary and historical photography simultaneously under one roof. From original Talbots and other 19th century masters through to […]
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The best photography awards to enter

‘The Magazine’ Issue 1 offers an interesting round up of current awards for photographers.  Why not take a look and enter?    
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New work by Graham Cook “Labour of love”

  This is Graham’s story, an inward perspective of the first steps of parenthood. This carefully considered narrative structure exposes the delicate process of delivery, through pre labour to the safe arrive his first born child. These images represent a significant point in his life and one could say his life’s work, his legacy. In the […]
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Platinum Palladium Printing Update

Graham Cook has undertaken further experiments with platinum and palladium printing to refine print quality. Previous printing sessions using the ratio method resulted in a graining effect as a result of adding a higher amount to ferric oxalate 2# to the sensitizer to achieve the desired contrast. After additional reading and a discussion with established […]
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