Emma Cordeaux

emmas avatarEmma was born in 1973. She trained at The Drama Centre, London and worked in the television industry in front and behind the camera for a number of years. Family commitments brought her to the South West where the desire for recording her life through pictures was ignited, honing her photography skills through study at Bridgwater College. Her geographical influences can be split into fluid thirds, comprising of Berkshire, London and Somerset. She views her photography in much the same way, trying to express a clear visual thought process by achieving a succinct beginning, middle and end. Having an idea, breaking it down to then build it back up allows the initial concept to take its own shape and path, and eventually to an image that is more than just one dimensional. Emma enjoys exploring the realms of black and white film and experimenting with the hands on process of the dark room. She draws on all aspects of life to influence her work whilst constantly looking and searching for what is or what seems truthful.

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Birth, Death, Life and Resurrection

Emma Cordeaux has produced a new portfolio of work. It is a well-known path that my thinking and concepts follow, led by photographers such as Francesca Woodman; my work revolves around birth, life, death and resurrection as experienced through my family. The history of family members and the artefacts within the space we live is […]
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