Dale Park

I have been taking photographs for the last 35 years following in the footsteps of my mother & grandfather. With the arrival of quality digital SLRs my interest has taken on new heights & gone from a hobby into an all consuming passion.  I am always interested in improving my work & enjoy attending seminars & workshops in an effort to achieve this. I recently returned to the world of film photography & enjoyed pursuing my ideas in this medium by revisiting the historical roots of photography.   I enjoy the different aspects of film & digital & firmly believe that one size does not fit all and that there is room in the world for all the formats techniques and processes that have and will be invented.

My photography usually reflects the world around me so there is a strong rural influence as I live in the country. I particularly enjoy photographing people often in an engineered or constructed setting to reflect my imagination. However candid shots that reflect the irony & humour from such worthies as Martin Parr & Elliot Erwitt are becoming ever more attractive to me. While I photograph many different subjects my style is best described as pictorial, my influences often come from an interest in classical painting. While I enjoy the creative ideas behind many photographs, I dislike work where the idea behind the image is not equally matched with photographic skill or where the concept is so deeply personal to the photographer it is obscured or made impossible to access for the viewer.

Recently I have been using my photographic skills to make images that will financially benefit a charity. I hope to shadow their work for the forthcoming year so that they can use the images commercially & educate those interested in their work.

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