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New work by Graham Cook “Labour of love”

18 Jun

  This is Graham’s story, an inward perspective of the first steps of parenthood. This carefully considered narrative structure exposes the delicate process of delivery, through pre labour to the safe arrive his first born child. These images represent a significant point in his life and one could say his life’s work, his legacy. In the […]

The coat – it’s the principle of it

15 Jun
its the principle of it

The occupy movement dominated the headlines in the winter of 2011 & early 2012. A global movement sprung up throughout the local suburbs of many western cities. The camp outside St Pauls, London was the focal point for the national press in Britain, however many eyes in the west were drawn to the ‘slum city’ […]

Deutsche Börse Prize Exhibition 2014 – The Photographer’s Gallery

03 Jun

Not a great year for photography’s prestigious Deutsche Borse prize. The winner Richard Mosse used a large-format camera and discontinued military reconnaissance film (originally designed for camouflage detection, thus registering an invisible spectrum of infra-red light) to photograph a warzone in the east of Congo that has claimed over 5 million lives so far. The […]

Fringe Arts Bath

26 May

Paul Gorman has had his fine art landscape work recognised and selected for inclusion in the 2014 Bath Fringe Festival which began its 2 week run on Friday May 23rd at various venues in the city Fringe Arts Bath is now a well-established component of the larger festival that includes theatre, music and comedy. Since […]

Life Encounters (vol 1)

07 Sep

This collection of images is a personal memento of my journey as an image-maker so far, a museum of exhibits from my life as i have seen it, a series of permanent flash backs. I have an addiction to record that will continue as my life, experiences and encounters expand my collection of visual memories. […]

A Girl

18 Dec
Abi 1000

I am interested in exploring portraiture to erode the masks that people, seeking to find the real person within.  I have experimented with push processing techniques to enhance grain along with Lith photography techniques.  Building up the detail in a portrait through enhanced grain, followed by stripping that detail down to its most basic elements. […]