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Photographers’ Rights – And Responsibilities

03 Jun
rights MF300x300

Nic Crocker is a retired Police Inspector and keen street photographer who has studied the law in relation to photographers’ rights and lectures on the subject.  As a professional standards investigator he has engaged with photographers subject to unreasonable police intervention.  Views expressed here are his alone and should not be considered those of the […]

A Girl

18 Dec
Abi 1000

I am interested in exploring portraiture to erode the masks that people, seeking to find the real person within.  I have experimented with push processing techniques to enhance grain along with Lith photography techniques.  Building up the detail in a portrait through enhanced grain, followed by stripping that detail down to its most basic elements. […]

Stop The Cuts

11 Jul
NHS Demo 1 Dec-2829

In the autumn of 2012 cuts within the National Health Service were really starting to bite.  Several hundred public sector workers marched through Bristol city centre, many with their families.  Protests were not merely about individuals income but about maintaining the quality of service delivery. What I found fascinating was the difficulty most participants had […]


11 Jul
Prisoner 1000

This series reflects my interest in storytelling through morality tales.  In this set I have explored storytelling through a series of images, taking the viewer step by step, as well as portraying the heart of the story in a single, complex image. I am interested in searching for the masks people wear, then seeking to […]