Ali Burnett

My love of photography developed from taking the good old holiday snap, and I realised I had an eye for a good image.  As a teacher at a secondary school I also had the chance to glance at some of my tutees’ photography sketchbooks, thought I could do that, hence I completed my A level Photography at night school in June 2012. 

This has opened my eyes to so many genres of photography and techniques, from the modern day digital age to the formative techniques, all of which I continue to explore further.  I look for the normal in everyday life.  The American documentary photographers, such as Lee Friedlander and Robert Frank as well as Martin Parr, have influenced some of my work.  Documenting life around the world still remains a passion, whether this be on my doorstep or in far flung places.  In my imagery I am always looking to capture the culture and colours of where I am, in essence encapsulating everyday real life.  I prefer to catch the unguarded moment instead of the staged pose, and love to enjoy the influence of natural light on the imagery

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Faces of Burma

Burma had been top of my list of lands to visit for so long that when Aung San Suu Kyi invited foreign tourists to travel to her beloved land I made my arrangements. I knew I would view such contrasting sights and if anything I left so much more confused about the country, formally known […]
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The coat – it’s the principle of it

The occupy movement dominated the headlines in the winter of 2011 & early 2012. A global movement sprung up throughout the local suburbs of many western cities. The camp outside St Pauls, London was the focal point for the national press in Britain, however many eyes in the west were drawn to the ‘slum city’ […]
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Thinking of back home

The recent news of the ongoing atrocities in Syria reminded me of the protest I witnessed whilst in Malta, 2 years ago.  The passion for their country was clearly etched on the faces of the protestors.
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