AG Photographic open day

21 Apr

Birmingham based photographic equipment materials and processing company AG Photographic held its first open day on April 11th. Matthew Wells from AG did the meet and greet for what was interesting and friendly day. A good mix of analogue and digital with traditional toning and digital colour management demonstrations delivered by Fotospeed while Tetenal brought their re released CPP3 processor and did some C41 processing. Keyphoto introduced their new black and white Spursinn Genius and Straight Black developers and Kenro displayed a range of equipment and associated products. Fuji Film had a selection of their own brand cameras to sample including the latest digital range finders and the beautiful GF670 film camera. Ilford Photo attended with their 5”/4” and the huge 10”/8” Titan pinhole cameras which proved very popular with photographers who took them out on location to explore the near by canals and industrial architecture.

It was interesting to see first hand the company’s commitment to analogue production as well as digital; the processing lines were working as normal and photographers were encouraged view and discuss work. More good news came in the shape of the recently installed darkroom from which AG plan to run workshops in the future; a good launch from Ilford and Fotospeed who effectively gave the darkroom it maiden outing. An encouraging move in the face of many community facilities being closed, and linked to Ilford’s recently launched initiative Find a Darkroom Near You ( gave those who are passionate about film based work something to shout about. A good experience that Ag are intending to repeat toward the end of the year; a company whose commitment to the medium deserves much support.

titan close up

10″/8″ Titan pinhole camera

titan pinhole

!0″/8″ Titan on location

mat ans steve

Steven Brierley from Ilford with AG’s Matthew Wells and the 10″/8″ Titan pinhole camera

pinhole 2

Industrial shot, positive from 5″/4″ pinhole

canal pinhole

Canal pinhole positive from 10″/8″ negative

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