• Audrey – Age 84

  • Rehearsing Matilda

    During the week leading up to their performance of Matilda in April 2014, I had the pleasure of spending time at Queens College, photographing the talented students of Trull School of Dancing, Taunton. During which I had the privilege of capturing some of the usually unseen rehearsals and backstage preparations leading up to and including […]

  • Following a Charity

    I started photographing the life of a charity based in Dulverton in Exmoor that promotes and looks after Exmoor ponies that are born on the Moors. The Exmoor pony is an endangered breed that has been documented from the Middle Ages. Cut off from other equine breeds by the wildness that is still Exmoor, it […]

  • Restless Movement

    Bodies; movement; shape; light and shadow is how I would depict this latest work. With my fascination for the human body and how it can express itself physically I was able to explore this very notion, creating this series of black and white film images. My subjects were dancers from The National Dance Company Wales where I watched […]

  • India

  • Books

    I have always had a fascination with old books. Their smell, their texture, their torn pages and doodled margins. This for me is the beginning of an ongoing project in the study of their warm and tactile nature which sadly often includes their ultimate degradation due to love, neglect or abuse. “It is with the […]

  • Birth, Death, Life and Resurrection

    It is a well-known path that my thinking and concepts follow, led by photographers such as Francesca Woodman; my work revolves around birth, life, death and resurrection as experienced through my family. The history of family members and the artefacts within the space we live is a strong visual element; the sense of generational movement, […]

  • Memory and the Artefact

    The Photograph Becomes The Object Our belongings hold the physicality of our past. We are attracted to them and they become attached to us for reasons of beauty, generosity, utility or avarice, they reflect something of the owner, a symbolisation of character, the most telling are the minutiae, the mundane relics of a lifetime. Personal […]

  • Patterns in bark

    Nature’s Patterns

    Mother Nature is incredible. If you take a closer look at even the most everyday things the patterns that reveal themselves are just as beautiful, if not more so, than the subject itself. They are made up of thousands of perfect, tiny parts, each one as important as the other to create the whole. These […]

  • Ethereal –

    ‘Ethereal’ is a collection of photographs, which are based upon natural and organic elements. This project reflects elements of the Romantic movement. This movement evolved over a number of years between 1780-1830. During this time emphasis was placed on the individual self, introspection and identity. The movement reflected the change from the Enlightentment thought process […]