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Vivian Maier – Street Photographer

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Followers of documentary photography will by now not need an introduction to Vivian Maier whose street photography hit the photography world in 2009.  Her work was discovered by chance when three collectors John Maloof, Ron Slatery and Randy Prow attended a storage dispersal sale in 2007 and purchased at that point an unknown collection of negatives, prints, 8mm film and audio recordings. Maloof acquired the largest amount, some 30,000 negatives, as part of book research he was making about a suburb of Chicago. On discovering the quality of Maier’s imagery Maloof  set out to purchase as much as he could find and now owns over 100,000 negatives, 3000 original prints and much supporting ephemera. Ian Mason and Steve Welsh were lucky enough to see the first exhibition of her work in London at the German Gymnasium at the London Street Photography Festival July 2011. The quality of her images and shooting rational was clear, a major star in the world of photography had been posthumously born. Maiers work and life have since been gradually turned into substantial industry with book and print sales, television and now cinema documentary. Maloof is joined in the directorial roll by Charlie Siskel whose producer credentials include Bowling for Columbine. The narrative is woven around Maloof’s detective like approach to uncover as much as possible about the photographer, her life and motivations, the film aims to bring light to the background that made her into one of the most talented and insightful street photographers of the 20th century. Maier, who died in 2009, was by all accounts a reticent character who shunned attention, it would be interesting to know how she would have felt now the light falling upon every aspect of her life is so strong. The film

Finding Vivian Maier is on general release from Friday 18th July. Unmissable.Vivian Maierblog pic


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