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20 Mar

Discover the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art in this major new exhibition, featuring some of the rarest images from the pioneers of photography. From the 1840s, scientists were using photography as a device to record and measure phenomena which lay beyond human vision. The aesthetic beauty of this early photography […]

Sam Steams Back To The Future

08 Aug
Alan 1 POS

As part of Somerset Arts Week (SAW) www.somersetartworks.org.uk 2014 Sam Burton of ‘zummerzet photography’ www.zummerzetphotography.co.uk and a member of Exposure47 www.exposure47.com will be exhibiting ten darkroom hand-prints which show a glimpse into the life of England’s longest steam railway. The images show a typical day enjoyed by a steam locomotive driver. Burton, who is passionate […]