Sam Burton

Sam BurtonI have always had an interest in Photography, possibly since someone took the first photo of me when I arrived in 1992. At school I chose GCSE Photography, I then went onto Bridgwater College to study A-level photography and achieved a grade A. This broadened my outlook to not only in Digital and Photoshop but also into the realms of Black and White and dark room techniques. One phrase a lecturer told me is: ‘What is the picture telling you?’ It can tell you 1000 words!

I had the opportunity to visit India in 2010 and this opened many avenues, I have returned a few times and will be certainly looking to go again.

 I left college to go straight into working for the West Somerset Railway it is England’s longest preserved railway and is well know in the local area, my day to day job is bookings and graphics I am also asked regularly to record the railways various events for the local press as well as getting out and about to update images for other marketing purposes. This job has allowed me to work closely with local newspapers, through this I have had photos published in the national press as well as magazines. 

India called again at the end of 2012 and while sitting in the café before I left the UK the words of Mark Twain jumped off the wall, ‘Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’ It was a privilege to work in an orphanage for two months in the South of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, this extended time enabled me to document their lives more thoroughly than before as previous visits had be just a few weeks.

I enjoy capturing the lives of different people using both black and white medium format and 35mm film as well digital SLRs. I feel both have a unique character and quality and add aesthetic atmosphere to images which supports and enhances the communication of my images.  I started ‘zummerzet photography’ in early 2012 the aim was to combine my love for design and photography by designing and printing greetings cards and making the most of the tourist trade in the area to generate some income on a regular basis. I hope also as a founder member of Exposure 47 to gain a wider audience for my work with prints and books.  

I enjoy recording and interpreting the world through the lens as it is NOW for future generations to look back on and see how it has changed.

What will the pictures tell them?

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Out of the Mouth of the Parrett goes live – March 21st until April 8th

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Mayor of Taunton tries his hand at 19th Century photography

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Sam Steams Back To The Future

As part of Somerset Arts Week (SAW) 2014 Sam Burton of ‘zummerzet photography’ and a member of Exposure47 will be exhibiting ten darkroom hand-prints which show a glimpse into the life of England’s longest steam railway. The images show a typical day enjoyed by a steam locomotive driver. Burton, who is passionate […]
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