Platinum Printing

10 Apr

Graham Cook and Steve Welsh have been exploring the process of Platinum Printing. Images from film and digital including phone camera capture were converted through Photoshop and Bridge into transfer negatives that were ink jet printed onto Agfa transfer film. The ratio method was used combining ferric oxcelate, platinum, palladium and tween to refine contrast grades appropriate to each negative. The coating was applied to Arches Platine paper that once thoroughly dry was exposed to a UV light source. A full days work resulted in 4 acceptable prints, and some test prints that helped determine exposure. The process whilst not any more complicated than other alternative print method does require patience and time, exposures were anything up to 480 seconds, the develop, clearing and wash cycle for each print takes best part of an hour. However, first results were encouraging, illustrating how the medium interprets a range of subjects in beautiful and lustrous rich tones. More experimentation including other members will follow, as will a gallery to show going work toward refined outcomes and encourage debate and comment with Friends and Associate Members.

 plat 1 plat 2 plat 3 plat 4 plat 5 plat 6 plat 7

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