Photo London 2015

03 Jul

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Ian Mason and Graham Cook attended the capitals latest foray into the international world of photo events with a British version of Paris Photo hosted at Somerset House. Photo London is quite possibly the finest selection of contemporary and historical photography simultaneously under one roof. From original Talbots and other 19th century masters through to the expansive 20th century range of styles by Steichen, Weston, Frank and endless others. The variety of work from an international range of galleries was all displayed in the splendour of Somerset House in London. Each gallery had an eclectic range of work spanning their particular tastes with some rare examples of vintage prints, all authenticated and signed by the photographer in question. This type of fair allows a vast rangeof work to be viewed all under the same roof, allowing maximum exposure in a short period of time and opportunity to compare different photographer’s work from similar genres. The eclectic mix of new and old is very interesting, highlighting influences from the past recurring in contemporary work, illustrating the cyclical nature of trends. The prices being asked for work highlight photography as sound financial investment, with prices significantly less than other art. As such, photography is proving ‘the’ accessible way to collect and possess high quality prints from established photographers. Outstanding exhibitions in a perfect venue coupled to visiting photographers signing work and delivering lectures makes this a must see addition to the sessional round of arts and photo fairs.

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