Organising the Workflow

19 Sep

I thought once the academic year was over things might quieten on the Project front but fortunately for me projects just keep coming, could it be a sign of better things to come?

My priority project remains the Charity that I am following & their calendar has been full with birthday parties, special events with the main core of their work starting in a few weeks time. In addition to candid shots of the public & the staff I’ve also been working on producing merchandise for their shop which resulted in several ponies being polished to the nines so that their official portrait could be taken. The key to the portraits was showing both the uniformity of the breed, plus their identifiable characteristics, plus some loveable personality that might mean someone parting with their cash in the Adoption Scheme. It’s also been an opportunity to shoot for next year’s calendar.

IMG_5943-copyIn addition to that have been several human shoots such as the one that took place at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset where I was able to take advantage of the stunning gardens after hours with a model. After that has come a request to shoot an art nude scene with a female model & a large metal box ( not my criteria) & then the latest to coach a fellow photographer through his glamour shoot with two novice models & my own art nude shoot. We won’t mention the quid pro quo shoot of one of my former model’s son with 4 pugs, must take her up on offer of a further shoot. Then there’s the forthcoming visit to my home by a fellow photographer who wants to use my decrepit barns as a backdrop.

Currently I am editing out flies from the ponies faces & blemishes from my human models which amounts to the same thing. The only way I can make any sense of it all is to make my main project, the charity,my priority. Things need to be shot on certain days of the year, there’s no chance of asking them to reorganise their calendar around me. Then comes the shoots I’ve agreed to do in date order & finally the favours. All my secondary projects get the same warning ‘You are in a queue & will be dealt with as soon as an operative becomes available’.