Members Information

WebDesignIcon250pxThis page is intended to be your quick access to useful information to use both the main and shop websites.  Here we have a series of videos and pdf documents to act as guides and reference points for you.  Beyond these you also have access to those of us who have some historical knowledge, such as Helen and myself or those who have heroically allowed themselves to be force-fed technical information like Steve, Sarah and Graham.

We have coordinated to produce this information so that when you want to publish your work to the world and invite people to buy your art you have a vehicle to do it, backed up with friends to help you get there.

If you don’t find what you need here, or if we haven’t explained anything well enough, let us know so we can help you. We’re in this together and we’ll be pleased to lend a hand.  That’s what exposure47 is all about.

We have placed tutorial videos on Nic’s YouTube Channel, just click here to see it now in its entirety.  Otherwise, we have split the information available into bite-size chunks you can work through below.


Beginning to use the sites – basics

Login & Password Change – click here

Add a Post with an Image – click here

Creating a Post which will disappear on a set date/time – click here

Cleaning up the Admin Area – click here

Adding an Avatar & Biog detail – click here


More advanced but still do’able site stuff

Adding a hyperlink to your post – click here


More interesting use of images

Adding A Slideshow to a Post – click here

Adding a Gallery – click here

Adding a Portfolio – click here

If you need help with something I haven’t provided please let me know and I’ll help you then create a tutorial to help others who may also be affected but who haven’t asked for help yet.


Shop Stuff

Creating a simple product – click here

Creating a variable product – click here


Administrators Area

Editing front page slider video – click here

Editing front page slider pdf – click here

Housekeeping – Updating Plugins – click here

Minor code changes after updating the Simplicity Theme – click here for video tutorial and click here for an associated pdf document you will also need.

Updating the Welcome Message after updating the Simplicity Theme – click here for a pdf guide.

Creating and Editing Sliders tutorial – click here