The coat – it’s the principle of it

15 Jun

The occupy movement dominated the headlines in the winter of 2011 & early 2012. A global movement sprung up throughout the local suburbs of many western cities. The camp outside St Pauls, London was the focal point for the national press in Britain, however many eyes in the west were drawn to the ‘slum city’ erected on Cathedral Green in Bristol, the second largest camp out of the capital city.  The anti-capitalist residents first pitched their tents in October 2011, however tents soon became wooden houses and pallets became walkways. I started shooting images in early January and my last shoot was in the latter days of the month, the eviction notice had been served, the camp was haphazardly being dismantled. The camp was eventually cleared in the early hours on the last day of January. its the principle of it II



its the principle of it



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