Birth, Death, Life and Resurrection

19 Sep

Emma Cordeaux has produced a new portfolio of work.

ttt4It is a well-known path that my thinking and concepts follow, led by photographers such as Francesca Woodman; my work revolves around birth, life, death and resurrection as experienced through my family. The history of family members and the artefacts within the space we live is a strong visual element; the sense of generational movement, the sense of ties that restrain that movement are all present in my images. My work is entirely based on film, mostly medium format, I connect with the physicality of analogue production and by shooting my children, belongings and the space in which we exist using film I am creating another historical family artefact. This work is now extending and broadening to include more still life and studio based imagery. I will now begin to edit work into book form please follow my progress and comment on my work, I will post more as I progress.

See her work now – click here

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