Annie Cole

05 editWorking the South West of England , Annie’s interest in photography was encouraged and developed by her father and grandfather from an early age.   Annie’s grandfather was a Journalist /photo journalist with the Bristol Evening World which later became the Bristol Evening Post. Ben Johnson  her grandfather worked with the company from the 1930’s until the 1970’s.   Annie’s first ‘dark room’  was a blacked out bathroom with a  piece of chipboard resting on the bath , a basic enlarger , three plastic trays, a pair of tongs, developer and fixer.  This led to Annie processing  her own films and producing black and white photographs age 14 .  In recent years Annie has rekindled her interest and love of photograph/Art by completing an AS level in Photography in 2010.

Annie is currently working on a project which is  influenced by her passion for music.  The project  ‘North To South ‘  relates to the Northern Soul music scene in the South West.  Two further projects Behind Closed Doors and Facing Fifty  are projects  at development stage.

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Annie’s Posts

Out of the Mouth of the Parrett goes live – March 21st until April 8th

For more information about ‘Out of Mouth of the Parrett’ project click here
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Exposure 47 pinhole camera day at Bridgwater Arts Centre

Exposure 47 is delighted to be supporting Bridgwater Arts Centre, the oldest Arts Centre in the country, during the celebration of the venue’s 70th year. We will be running two free pinhole workshops during the summer, the first on Saturday May 28th and again on July 9th both from 10.00am until 4pm. After the 2015 […]
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Exposure47 Interview with Radio Scilly 21 April 2015

Photographer Annie Cole a member of the photographic collective Exposure47 will be interviewed on Radio Scilly by presenter Keri on the 21 April 2015 . Annie will be talking to Keri about Exposure47 and two of her photographic projects, The Renovation of Shah and the time she spent with Master Craftsman Peter Martin while ‘Shah’ […]
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North goes South – The South West Northern Soul Scene

North goes south is a photographic illustration of the Northern Soul scene in and around the south west of England .
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Hidden Scillys – The Isles of Scilly

Hidden Scillys reflects the parts of the Isles of Scilly which, in the blink of an eye can be missed.
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