Amie Harvey

016I have two great passions in my life, photography and owning beautiful shoes that I can’t walk in!!! Joking aside, I have been walking through a photographic journey as a student over the last two years which has opened my mind to the many possibilities with this medium. I don’t yet have a specific area of photography I want to work in, as a student I have had a broad experience of so many genres that now I aim to spend the next year working on personal projects that explore on a deeper level still life and portraiture. I found the conceptual nature of both exciting, an artefact that tells more than surface, a face that tells more than its artefact. In portraiture I have been very inspired by artists like Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark and Francesca Woodman and I feel they will have profound effect on my work both aesthetically and conceptually, the private and public side of personality has been something I have already explored. Traditional still life workers such as Edward Weston, the pepper series, influenced recent work, I liked and exploited the ambiguous nature of the pepper and the female form and what this represented in terms of fashion today. I adore the aesthetics of the black and white film image and the atmosphere of this medium generally, I work digitally for colour, colour challenges because of the reality it brings while black and white is already an abstract theme aesthetically.

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